Our detectives conduct surveillance in a confidential, safe and professional manner. We guarantee your satisfaction with affordable costs. If you have doubts and issues of trust with your spouse, future wife, future husband, coworkers, then let us find out the truth. We believe that your confidentiality is a reputation for us so we are the right Detective Agencies that you can trust!

Track People

Have you lost contact with parents, children, friends, spouse or coworkers? “Missing people” may not know or are not aware that they are being sought. The focus of our investigation is to investigate missing persons with minim information, whether they have been lost for a long time or are new.

With an extensive network on a national scale, we are ready to help you find the person you want to find, in the shortest possible time. *

Teenage Monitoring

Today many teenagers in Indonesia are far from parents, have easy access to alcohol and others, although this does not always mean that the teenager will turn into an addict. However, parents must be aware of that possibility.

What can we do for you? 

With you trust us as your chosen detective, you can supervise your child with the following details:

  • Where did your child go?
  • Who is he meeting with?
  • Does your child have a habit of smoking / alcoholics?
  • Your child’s friendly environment?
  • Is your child in trouble?

Private Detective Services

When you need to find facts and truths that mean a lot to you, then Suranto Detective is the right detective service for you. We know that even the smallest details can be important in various investigations for the problem situation that you are experiencing. You can rely on our professional investigators to get important facts for your case.