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Indonesia best Private Detective Services. We guarantee the professionalism of all our staff, and always provide transparent services for each of our clients! Your satisfaction is our priority.

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Welcome to Suranto Detective !


Hiring a private investigator can be a nerve racking experience. With our Private Investigation that fear is quickly excluded and 100% discretion is maintained.


We are experienced in solving various cases with a high level of satisfaction from various clients who come to us.


Excellent training and supervision ensures that you will be protected by the best available. We guarantee it.

We understand that working with a private detective can be a intimidating prospect, that's why we take the time to sit down with every client to gain a clear understanding of their individual situation before we start working.

Reasonable Price

In carrying out this private detective profession, it is undeniable that high costs can be a barrier to your desire to investigate something. With us, we provide Reasonable costs and can be adjusted to your budget. If you really need, we can provide services for free! *
Detektif Profesional Di Indonesia
Detektif Swasta Di Indonesia

Experienced Professionals

Our Investigations team is staffed with experienced professionals with the latest tools and technologies. We pride ourselves in being a friendly, understanding and approachable firm of professional private investigators.

Services We Provide

Supervision & Infidelity Investigation

Our detectives conduct surveillance in a confidential, safe and professional manner. We guarantee your satisfaction with affordable costs.

Track People

With an extensive network on a national scale, we are ready to help you find the person you want to find, in the shortest possible time. *

Corporate Services

Common services are needed by professionals who want to set up a new business in Indonesia in a certain region, and want to know the potential business of their competitors.

Private Detective Services

We know that even the smallest details can be important in various investigations for the problem situation that you are experiencing. You can rely on our professional investigators to get important facts for your case.

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